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While all of our services are important solutions that businesses need in order to acquire, retain, and grow their customer base, we understand the challenges businesses face.  As costs go up, margins can go down! This is why we will take a needs based approach per your priorities and budget. As we build your revenues we can build upon our approach. On average our clients invest $800-$1500/mo for a comprehensive strategy. Contact us today for a no cost business assessment and consult.  Our proposals will always be considerate and needs based.

Assessment & Snapshot Report?


After you initiate engagement with ZoBiz, we will assess your digital presence which will guide our recommendations. We will provide you with a Snapshot Report. It’s a tool that leverages big data to assess a your marketing needs and highlight potential pain points.  We will review the results together and develop a marketing plan for success which purposely aligns to your goals and objectives .

Agency or DIY Approach?


DIY marketing could have hidden costs. You may be doing a great job on social media but are you taking a comprehensive approach? Are you getting found on line? What is your reputation and how are you managing it? Do you and your teams have the expertise to be effective or the technology to be efficient?  For the price of one seasoned digital marketer, you could outsource all of your needs to a marketing team for MUCH less. Outsourcing your marketing decreases downtime and increases productivity and you have no overhead costs like benefits, office space, vacation etc.  The ZoBiz team has specialized skills with immediate access to insights and strategic expertise.

About Us

Brandi Kokos, CPC

Serves as Founder and Chief Strategist and has over 25 years of experience in CX,  marketing & development, executive and business consulting and program management leadership in working with the Fortune 500. She oversees business transformation and  customer relationship strategy, branding positioning, social media marketing, revenue (ROI) and thought leadership for our marketing agency. Her specialties include CRM, strategic optimization, and market/product positioning. She is an expert in all aspects of branding, CX transformation and growth through excellence. Brandi is a Certified Professional Coach and frequent content contributor for industry associations & publications locally in Columbia, SC and Charlotte, NC. She is passionate about local businesses and fostering the entrepreneurial spirit. 

Every business needs a sound marketing plan in order to survive. Starting from an understanding of your customer and target market, you will work directly with Brandi to develop a plan with easy to follow steps.

There will come a time in your business or personal promotion when you need some additional strategic thought leadership support. In addition to long-term marketing planning, Brandi can be available to you for extra hours during new releases and other events.

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